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Tergan's E-Commerce Evolution with a Result Oriented Strategy


Tergan, a distinguished name in Turkey's genuine leather goods market, has built a legacy of delivering high-quality leather handbags, shoes, wallets, luggage, and accessories. Renowned for blending chic elegance with practicality, Tergan aligns with the latest trends through innovative designs. To navigate the digital marketplace's challenges and opportunities, Tergan has embarked on a strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive, aiming to enhance its online marketing and e-commerce operations.


The collaboration focused on pivotal objectives
Expand Digital Footprint
Amplify Tergan's visibility in the digital realm.
Boost E-Commerce Growth
Elevate the performance of online sales through strategic digital marketing initiatives.
Engage Target Audience
Actively connect with both current and potential customers using targeted online content and campaigns. framework.
Optimize Online Presence
Enhance search engine rankings and organic traffic through effective SEO and content marketing strategies.
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To meet these goals, Poligon Interactive employed a comprehensive approach
E-Commerce Performance Marketing
Deploying targeted strategies to bolster online sales and customer engagement.
Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
Using Google Ads to increase Tergan's visibility and draw in potential customers through strategic search engine placements.
Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
Launching compelling advertising campaigns on key social platforms to engage with the audience.
Fine-tuning Tergan's website content to boost search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.
Content Marketing
Crafting and disseminating valuable content aimed at attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience, thus driving profitable customer action.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Implementing data-driven improvements to the website's user experience, leading to enhanced conversion rates and sales growth.


Key initiatives undertaken included
Digital Marketing Campaigns
Initiatives across Google, Facebook, and Instagram were optimized to maximize reach and engagement.
Website Optimization
Enhancements to Tergan’s website focused on user experience, loading efficiency, and mobile compatibility.
SEO and Content Strategy
A robust SEO strategy was complemented by the creation of engaging, high-quality content tailored to Tergan's target audience.
Performance Monitoring and Optimization
Continuous evaluation of campaign performance to refine strategies for optimal outcomes.


The partnership delivered significant achievements for Tergan
Enhanced Online Visibility
Tergan’s presence in the digital space grew, with increased visibility on search engines and social media.
Growth in E-Commerce Sales
Strategic marketing efforts significantly boosted online sales and e-commerce performance.
Increased Customer Engagement
Targeted advertising and quality content marketing led to higher engagement rates among new and existing customers.
Higher Conversion Rates
Website and checkout process optimizations resulted in improved conversion rates and an overall increase in sales.


Tergan’s strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive has been a pivotal chapter in the brand's story, successfully translating its traditional legacy of quality into a dynamic online presence. By harnessing targeted digital marketing strategies and optimizing e-commerce functionalities, Tergan has not only broadened its digital footprint but also redefined standards for customer engagement and sales performance in the luxury leather goods sector. This case study serves as a testament to how enduring brands can thrive in the digital era through innovation and strategic collaborations.
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