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Renault's Web Journey:
An all-in-one Approach


Renault, a distinguished automotive brand with deep roots in Turkey, is celebrated for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a vision to enhance its digital footprint and further solidify its position as a leading automobile manufacturer in the country, Renault has embarked on a strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive. This collaboration is dedicated to delivering comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) services, tailored to redefine Renault's digital engagement and provide a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly online experience.


The primary goals set forth by Renault in collaboration with Poligon Interactive include
Strengthen Digital Presence
Elevate Renault's online visibility and engagement through a robust digital strategy.
Enhance User Experience
Deliver a bespoke and intuitive digital experience to customers, reflecting Renault's brand ethos.
Achieve Localization Excellence
Ensure content and digital touchpoints are finely tuned to the cultural and linguistic preferences of the Turkish market.

Support Dealer Network
Provide over 70 Renault dealers with individualized web development solutions to maintain brand consistency while catering to local needs.
Innovate with Real-time Solutions
Implement dynamic systems for pricing and content updates to keep customers informed with the most current information.

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To meet these objectives, Poligon Interactive implemented a comprehensive approach encompassing
Tailored Content Management
Developing and managing content that aligns with Renault's brand identity, ensuring a consistent and engaging online narrative.
Localization Strategies
Adapting content to resonate with the Turkish audience, enhancing engagement and relatability.
Multi-site Web Development
Creating customized websites for over 70 dealers, ensuring each site reflects the Renault brand while offering unique local content.
Dynamic Pricing System
Introducing a flexible pricing list system capable of real-time updates, providing customers with the latest pricing and product information.
Insider Panel Optimization
Managing and optimizing the Insider panel to foster user engagement, collect insights, and build customer loyalty.
Strategic Insider Utilization
Developing strategies to maximize the impact of the Insider platform in reinforcing Renault's market leadership.


The partnership's execution involved several key phases
Comprehensive CMS Management
Offering end-to-end CMS services, including real-time content updates, customization, and seamless integrations tailored to Renault's requirements.
Localized Web Experience
Implementing localization solutions to ensure that content, pricing, and promotions are relevant and appealing to the Turkish market.
Dealer Website Development
Launching individual dealer websites with unified branding but localized content and features, enhancing the overall digital ecosystem of Renault.
Real-Time Updates System
Integrating dynamic systems for price and content adjustments, allowing Renault to swiftly respond to market changes and customer needs.
Insider Panel and Strategy Development
Leveraging the Insider platform for targeted customer engagement strategies, driving insights and loyalty through customized user interactions.


This strategic initiative has led to remarkable outcomes for Renault
Enhanced Digital Footprint
Renault's digital presence has significantly expanded, offering a more engaging and informative online experience to customers.
Localized Engagement
The focus on localization has deepened Renault's connection with the Turkish market, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.
Dealer Network Empowerment
The development of over 70 dealer websites has strengthened Renault's dealer network, offering localized platforms for customer interaction and sales.
Efficient Information Dissemination
The dynamic pricing list system has ensured that customers always have access to the latest product and pricing information, improving transparency and trust.
Insightful Customer Engagement
Through the Insider panel, Renault has gained valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, guiding future strategies and innovations.


Renault's partnership with Poligon Interactive represents a significant leap forward in its digital strategy, setting a new benchmark for digital engagement in the automotive industry. By leveraging tailored content management, advanced web development, and strategic use of the Insider platform, Renault has not only enhanced its online presence but also created a more personalized and responsive digital ecosystem for its customers and dealer network. This case study exemplifies how innovative digital solutions can transform brand engagement and customer experiences in today's fast-paced digital landscape.
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