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Oyak Renault's Digital Drive, Powered by Poligon Interactive


Oyak Renault, a cornerstone of Turkey's automotive industry with unparalleled production capacity outside of Western Europe, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to manufacturing excellence. To align its digital presence with its manufacturing prowess, Oyak Renault has forged a strategic alliance with Poligon Interactive. This collaboration aims to harness digital technology to enhance Oyak Renault's industry leadership, crafting a digital experience that reflects the brand's corporate standards and innovation.


The objectives set forth by Oyak Renault and Poligon Interactive are
Reflect Corporate Excellence
To develop a digital platform that mirrors Oyak Renault's corporate standards and manufacturing leadership.
Strengthen Online Presence
To elevate Oyak Renault’s visibility in the digital realm, ensuring it matches the brand's physical stature.
Boost Digital Discoverability
To employ SEO strategies that position Oyak Renault prominently in automotive sector searches online.


Employing a comprehensive digital strategy, Poligon Interactive aimed to
Web Development with Corporate Reflection
Crafting a sophisticated website for Oyak Renault that not only showcases the brand’s achievements but also aligns with its corporate standards and ethos.
Basic SEO for Enhanced Visibility
Implementing fundamental SEO strategies to improve Oyak Renault’s online presence, ensuring top search engine rankings within the automotive industry.


Significant developments ensued from this collaboration
Corporate-Standard Web Platform 
The launch of Oyak Renault’s website, designed to offer an immersive digital experience while reflecting the brand’s corporate standards and manufacturing excellence.
Optimized SEO Practices
Strategic enhancement of the website’s SEO, boosting Oyak Renault's visibility and ensuring it remains a top contender in digital automotive searches.


The partnership has yielded notable achievements
Robust Digital Identity
The new Oyak Renault website significantly bolsters the brand's digital identity, providing a platform that truly represents its status as an industry leader.
Elevated User Engagement
With its corporate-standard design and user-friendly interface, the website has successfully enhanced user engagement, deepening visitors’ understanding of Oyak Renault’s offerings.
Superior Search Engine Placement 
Targeted SEO efforts have elevated Oyak Renault's search engine position, facilitating easier discovery and exploration of the brand’s automotive innovations by online audiences.


Through the strategic partnership with Poligon Interactive for web development and SEO, Oyak Renault has effectively translated its manufacturing leadership into a distinguished digital presence. This initiative not only reaffirms Oyak Renault’s dominance in the automotive sector but also exemplifies how adherence to corporate standards in digital endeavors can amplify brand visibility and engagement in the digital age.
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