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TACCS's Digital Drive, Powered by Poligon Interactive


TACCS, belongs to the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South. It serves to empower Turkish and American businesses across the Southern U.S. states by fostering economic growth, collaboration, and cultural exchange. In an era marked by rapid globalization, the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South (TACCS) has been pivotal in fostering robust business ties between Turkey and the Southern United States. Since its inception, TACCS has been instrumental in initiating and nurturing partnerships across various industries, facilitating economic growth and cultural exchange.


The objectives established by the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the South (TACCS) are as follows:
Reflect Transnational Excellence
To create a platform that embodies the collaborative spirit and high standards of Turkish-American business relations, mirroring TACCS's role as a leader in fostering economic partnerships.
Strengthen Online Presence
To enhance TACCS’s visibility online, ensuring its digital footprint matches its substantial role in promoting international commerce between Turkey and the Southern United States.
Boost Digital Discoverability
To implement SEO strategies that elevate TACCS in search results related to international business and cultural exchange, increasing visibility and member engagement.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo


Employing a comprehensive digital strategy, Poligon Interactive aimed to
Web Development Reflecting Organizational Values
Developing a sophisticated website for TACCS that not only highlights its initiatives and impact but also resonates with its mission of enhancing Turkish-American business cooperation.
Fundamental SEO for Increased Visibility
Implementing essential SEO tactics to boost TACCS’s online presence, ensuring it ranks prominently in searches related to international commerce and cultural partnerships.
Corporate-Standard Web Platform
TACCS launched a new website designed to offer an immersive digital experience while reflecting the chamber's standards of excellence and leadership in international business relations.
Optimized SEO Practices
Strategic enhancements to the website's SEO have boosted TACCS's visibility, ensuring it remains highly visible in searches related to international commerce and business networks.


The partnership has yielded notable achievements
Robust Digital Identity
The revamped TACCS website has significantly strengthened the chamber's digital identity, providing a platform that truly reflects its stature as a leader in international business relations.
Elevated User Engagement
With its professional design and user-friendly interface, the website has successfully increased user engagement, deepening visitors' understanding of TACCS’s role and activities.
Superior Search Engine Placement
Focused SEO efforts have improved TACCS's position in search engines, making it easier for users to discover and explore the organization's resources and initiatives online.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Doyuyo


The partnership between Doyuyo and Poligon Interactive yielded remarkable outcomes
Increased Brand Visibility
The strategic digital marketing efforts significantly raised Doyuyo's online profile, attracting new customers and reinforcing brand loyalty among existing ones.
Enhanced Online Ordering
The revamped websites for Doyuyo and its franchise branches led to a smoother, more efficient online ordering system, boosting home delivery sales.
Improved Customer Experience
Users reported higher satisfaction with the ease of use and functionality of the websites, enhancing Doyuyo's reputation for quality service both online and offline.
Data-Driven Growth
The use of analytics and customer feedback has laid a solid foundation for future digital initiatives, ensuring Doyuyo's continued growth and innovation in digital marketing.


Through its strategic collaboration with Poligon Interactive for web development and SEO, TACCS has effectively transformed its industry leadership into a standout digital presence. This initiative not only underscores TACCS’s influence in fostering Turkish-American business ties but also demonstrates how maintaining corporate standards in digital efforts can significantly enhance brand visibility and engagement in today’s digital landscape.
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