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Strategic Storytelling: Enhancing Audience Connection and Marketing Precision


This strategic Google Ads campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted digital marketing in the interior design industry. With a prudent investment of 800 CAD over five months, the campaign not only met but exceeded expectations in lead generation and conversion rates, establishing Belen Design as a prominent and impactful presence in the Canadian market.

Belen Design aimed to leave a lasting impression in the growing Canadian market. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drove a digital campaign that successfully attracted and engaged potential customers, reinforcing their reputation as leaders in the interior design industry.


The partnership aimed to achieve several key goals
Maximize Lead Generation Through Targeted Advertising
Utilizing Google's targeted advertising capabilities to substantially boost lead generation by targeting potential customers most likely to convert.
Achieve High Conversion Rate
Monitoring the campaign's success via a robust conversion rate to showcase the campaign's resonance with the target audience.
Demonstrate Market Appeal
The initiative also sought to highlight the product or service's market appeal. By securing a high conversion rate, the campaign aimed to showcase strong market demand and customer interest, confirming the attractiveness and relevance of Belen Design's offerings in the interior design industry.
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To meet these objectives, Poligon Interactive implemented a comprehensive strategy
Target Audience Identification with Precision
The campaign focused on precisely targeting Canadian women within the core demographic, tailoring messages to resonate deeply and increase engagement.
Creative Strategy Centered on Authenticity
Ads showcased authentic success stories, reflecting the ethos of Belen Design and demonstrating the effectiveness of their services to build trust and credibility.
Strategic Ad Placement on High-Engagement Platforms
Ads were placed on Instagram and Facebook to leverage their high user engagement rates, enhancing visibility and interaction.
Judicious Budget Allocation for Optimal Reach
The budget was carefully managed to maximize lead potential and audience reach without exceeding financial limits.
Refinement Through A/B Testing
Continuous A/B testing helped refine the ads, optimizing content performance and maximizing return on investment.


The collaboration has achieved remarkable outcomes
Lead Generation
The campaign generated 30 leads, indicative of strong market positioning.
Conversion Rate
A 10% conversion rate highlighted the campaign’s success in converting leads.
Cost Per Lead
Approximately $26.66, aligning with industry benchmarks.
ROI Analysis
Positive ROI anticipated, assuming customer lifetime value surpasses cost per lead and conversion expenses.
Qualitative Feedback
Customer feedback praised the campaign’s authenticity and narrative.
Challenges Overcome
Navigating the competitive digital ad space, responsive strategies were employed to sustain lead quality and volume.


This innovative approach to the global CMS framework led to significant achievements
Enhanced Digital Presence
Nissan Turkey's digital platforms saw improvements in user engagement, traffic, and online visibility, reflecting successful adaptation of the global CMS to local market needs.
Innovative User Experience
Creative use of the CMS's capabilities resulted in a more engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly website, driving higher satisfaction and engagement rates among visitors.
Effective Global-Local Harmony
The initiative ensured Nissan's digital presence in Turkey was globally consistent and locally relevant, illustrating how global frameworks can be adapted to meet regional needs.


The success of the campaign underscores the effectiveness of genuine storytelling in engaging with the audience. It has also refined the client's marketing skills, particularly in optimizing ad content and strategic placement, demonstrating how targeted and authentic communication can significantly enhance marketing outcomes.
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