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Digital Mastery in Real Estate Lead Generation


Poligon Interactive’s targeted digital campaigns have significantly elevated a leading real estate firm’s lead conversion, achieving an exceptional conversion rate of 7.53% with 19,656 conversions from 261,012 clicks, and a strategic ad spend of $350,433.02 over the last six months. A renowned real estate firm, known for its comprehensive online marketing services, collaborated with Poligon Interactive to enhance their online conversion rates. The venture sought to exploit digital channels effectively to convert a substantial portion of web traffic into actionable leads.


The collaboration was aimed at achieving the following goals
Maximize Conversion Rates for Efficient Budget Use
This focus was intended to ensure that the advertising budget was used judiciously, optimizing every dollar spent to convert interest into tangible outcomes. By increasing the efficiency of the conversion process, the campaign sought to deliver a higher return on investment, demonstrating effective use of resources in reaching and engaging potential buyers.
Generate High-Quality Leads
The campaign aimed to generate a high volume of quality leads by specifically targeting potential property buyers. This objective was centered around attracting individuals who are actively seeking to purchase properties, ensuring that the leads generated were not only numerous but also of high potential value to achieve effective results.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Beyaz Fırın
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Beyaz Fırın Strategies


To accomplish these objectives, Poligon Interactive developed a multifaceted digital marketing strategy
E-Commerce Performance Marketing
Tailoring online marketing strategies to drive sales and boost customer engagement in the e-commerce domain.
Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
Leveraging Google Ads to increase Beyaz Fırın's visibility and draw in new customers via search engines.
Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram Ads)
Crafting compelling ad campaigns on key social platforms to engage audiences and enhance brand loyalty.
Programmatic Ads
Utilizing sophisticated programmatic advertising techniques for retargeting and audience engagement.
Implementing SEO best practices to enhance Beyaz Fırın's website content and improve search engine rankings.
Content Marketing
Producing valuable, relevant content to attract and retain a defined audience, thereby driving profitable customer actions.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Applying data-driven methods to refine the website’s user experience and increase conversion rates, effectively turning visitors into loyal customers.


The strategic initiatives undertaken included
Lead Generation 
A total of 19,656 conversions were secured, a testament to the effective targeting and creative strategies deployed.
The campaign generated 261,012 clicks, indicating high user engagement with the content.
Conversion Rate
An impressive 7.53% conversion rate was achieved, showcasing the campaign’s alignment with the target demographic’s interests.
The strategic ad spend translated into a cost-effective conversion rate, underscoring Poligon Interactive’s astute budget management.
Audience Targeting
Overcame the complexities of segmenting and targeting in a diverse digital market.
Creative Optimization
Continuously innovated ad creatives to sustain engagement and counteract ad fatigue.
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Beyaz Fırın Implementation
Poligon Interactive Latest Works - Beyaz Fırın Result


This collaboration has yielded remarkable results for Beyaz Fırın
Expanded Online Visibility
Significant increase in online visibility, attracting new customers and engaging existing ones.
Growth in E-Commerce Performance 
Notable improvement in online sales and customer engagement through targeted e-commerce marketing strategies.
Enhanced Customer Engagement
Successful engagement of customers through social media and content marketing, leading to increased brand loyalty.
Improved Conversion Rates
Optimization of the online customer journey resulted in higher conversion rates and an enhanced overall customer experience.


The campaign’s success reinforced the importance of ongoing optimization and agile marketing tactics in realizing high conversion rates. The insights gleaned have validated Poligon Interactive’s approach of a multi-platform strategy tailored specifically for the real estate market.
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